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Our full schedule for the 2019 Syracuse International Film Festival.


October 3rd, 2019 Silent Film Fundraiser at The Palace Theatre featuring a live score by Diane Jones. The silent film has been one of our mist popular events in past years. This year will be no different with this hilarious comedy with a live music accompaniment! The Doll Directed by Ernst Lubitsch, Germany, 1919 Cast: Ossi Oswalda, Hermann Thimig, Victor Janson, and Gerhard Ritterband Production: Projektions AG Union Print Source: Filmarchiv Austria The Doll is essentially a sex comedy, about an effete young man who tries to marry a mechanical doll, only to discover that she’s flesh and blood, and more fun that way. The protagonist (he is in no sense a hero) is Lancelot, played by Hermann Thimig with a series of ill-fitting frock coats, a Percy Shelley coiffure, and a personality firmly under the thumb of his mother. About Diane Jones Diane Jones' music has been performed by Mélomanie, The Relâche Ensemble, The Da Capo Chamber Players, Trio Casals, and Flautet, Diane's music reflects her rich, eclectic influences and her love of line and rhythm. She has been commissioned by Mélomanie, the Society for New Music, the Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation, and the Syracuse International Film Festival. She is featured as both composer and performer on four Samba Laranja CDs, three of which (Native Orange in 2011, Pathways in 2015, and Guaraná in 2019) have won SAMMY awards. Her piano trios, "Three Songs," "Woman A/Part," and "Earth Rise" were recorded by Trio Casals for their "MOTO" series of CDs, and have been broadcast throughout the US and internationally. "Dreamcatcher" for trombone and orchestra, is included on "Neue Kraft Fulend," a CD from trombonist Haim Avitsur and conductor Ovidiu Marinescu. Time & Location The fundraiser starts at 6:00 pm at The Palace Theatre, 2384 James St, Syracuse Doors open at 5:30 pm for wine and hors d’oeuvres. Dinner is at 6 pm from Karen’s catering. Presentations on the music and the film from Diane Jones and Julie Grossman. Buy Tickets Full Experience - $100 Tickets are an incredible value, of $100 for the dinner, the silent film, and access to every event at the festival. Silent Film Only - $15
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Friday, October 11th Redhouse Arts Center 400 South Salina Street Syracuse, NY Admission: $15 Theater One - 6:45pm The Stunt Man Directed by Richard Rush | Runtime: 131 Minutes Cameron is a young veteran running from the police. He stumbles onto the set of a World War I movie, where eccentric and autocratic director, Eli Cross, agrees to hide him from the police. Cameron falls in love with Nina Franklin, the film's star, while the production, and the film, blurs the lines between reality and make-believe. Theater One - 9:30pm Raising Buchanan Directed by Bruce Dellis | Runtime: 97 Minutes Meet & Greet Reception with Amanda Melby at 7:30pm The meet and greet includes the Raising Buchanan film, cash bar and a food reception for $25! To reserve your tickets, call 315-445-0692 Ever the opportunist and desperate for money, Ruth finds herself in a position to “steal” the body of President James Buchanan. She does so, hoping to ransom him for a nice windfall –– but she’s surprised to discover that no one seems particularly interested in getting him back. Plan B (and C and D) doesn’t appear to be any more fruitful for the hapless duo, leading to dead ends involving a wealthy widow, a confused LGBT organization, and a hot-headed shipping foreman. The resolution of this increasingly dire situation will require previously untapped resourcefulness from Ruth, a demanding commitment from Crosby, her roommates Meg and Holly, and a disconcerting insight into Errol’s ventriloquist horde. Theater Two - 9:15pm Go To Hell And Turn Left Directed by Carlo Caldana | Runtime: 82 Minutes A deaf painter named Oif Schmilblitz struggles with alcohol and the death of his wife Emily. When he sneaks into a private reception to play spy for his agent, he spots a guest who bears a striking resemblance with the late Emily. As he tries to find out who she is, he is caught in a whirlwind of misunderstanding, mistaken identity, and marital intrigue - all to the tune of minimal dialogue and an endless stream of gags. The Blue Marble Directed by Ralph Toporoff | Runtime: 15 Minutes At the Universal Soul Assignment office a soul, Charlie has been stuck on the Blue Marble line for eternity. A victim of red tape, he struggles to unravel the incomprehensible rules and regulations which have prevented him from fulfilling his destiny since the Big Bang.. Suite After the Furies Directed by Kevin McGloughlin | Runtime: 4 Minutes | Ireland "Fury" (Written and composed by Stefano Lentini produced in collaboration with award winning sound engineer Geoff Foster, explores the territory of anger and redemption, where personal inwardness becomes collective. It is a journey in which the emotional crushes with the rational smashing the syrup of do-goodism. Theater Three - 9:15pm Banana Split Directed by Benjamin Kasulke | Runtime: 88 Minutes High school classmates April, Nick, and Ben are a close circle of friends up until the summer before college when April and Nick, who have been dating for two years, suddenly break up. As Ben struggles to maintain both friendships, he introduces his childhood friend Clara who begins to date Nick and covertly becomes best friends with April. Now Ben is stuck in the middle, hanging out with the two girls behind his best friend’s back. Plus, Nick and April still have feelings for each other. Now everyone has secrets and everyone feels like the third wheel. The group’s dynamic gets very complicated as they try to navigate their last few weeks together before leaving town.
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Saturday, October 12th Redhouse Arts Center 400 South Salina Street Syracuse, NY Full Day Admission: $25 | Single Screening Admission: $10 Full day of competition and invitational screenings with award ceremonies. NOTE: In programs that include short film(s) with features the shorts will be screened BEFORE the feature! Theater One Programs (Austin Allyn Theatre) Theater Two Programs (Bill & Penny Allyn Theatre) Theater Three Programs (CNY Community Foundation Studio) Theater One First Program - 12:00pm 7 Day Film Competition with Award Presentation The 7-DAY Film Competition is a new event, modeled on the 48-hour film competition. It challenges high school filmmaker teams to create and submit an entire short film in just 7 days. Cash awards are determined by a panel of judges. Films must be 5 - 7 minutes long. Each team is composed of five members and films must include a prop, location, and action (information given to the filmmaker at the opening of the 7-day period). How these elements fit creatively into the film will be a major determinant in judging. Each team must have a representative to attend the start event to receive the required elements for their film. and each team must submit the final film by the deadline. 48 Hour Film Competition with Award Presentation The 48 Hour Film Competition is back for its second year. It challenges college filmmaker teams to create and submit an entire short film in just 48 hours. Cash awards are determined by a panel of judges. Films must be 5 - 7 minutes long. Each team is composed of five members and films must include a prop, location, and action (information given to the filmmaker at the opening of the 48 hour period). How these elements fit creatively into the film will be a major determinant in judging. Each team must have a representative to attend the start event to receive the required elements for their film. and each team must submit the final film by the deadline. Theater One Second Program - 3:00pm Dosed Directed by Tyler Chandler | Runtime: 82 Minutes After years of prescription medications failed her a suicidal woman, Adrianne, turns to underground healers to try and overcome her depression, anxiety, and opioid addiction with illegal psychedelic medicine like magic mushrooms and iboga. Theater One Third Program - 5:00pm Monkey Ostrich and Grave (Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, USA) Directed by Oleg Mavromatti | Runtime: 95 Minutes Actor: Viktor Vin4 Lebedev This is a film about the people, who live in places of endless wars – wars, forgotten by everybody: the world news, the politicians, and the human rights organizations. Many of them have no other option but to continue living together with these wars, desensitized to the destruction around them and constantly burying their own suffering in the subconscious. This hidden pain, one can’t get rid of, sublimates in intimate revelations to the online audience and in fantasies about revenge. Gorin expresses this in variety of art genres – from comedy to horror, from drawings to magic. His story is thick of surprising tales and events that merge reality and dream. Jabari Keating Directed by Stacey Larkins | Runtime: 10 Minutes Upon making a life altering decision, Jabari Keating is a candid first person narrative film that explores his personal reflections, life experiences and trials and tribulations as an African American in present day America. For A Better Life Directed by Yasmin Mistry | Runtime: 10 Minutes Sold for $100 at the age of 5, Fekri suffers through years of abuse before his plight is discovered. After almost a year of hospitalization and therapy Fekri moves into a group home where he finds support, mentorship, and eventual forgiveness towards the family which sold him. Theater One Fourth Program - 7:00pm Hail Mary! Directed by Ziad H. Hamzeh | Runtime: 90 Minutes What does it take to turn a losing pro football team around? Sumo wrestlers protecting the champion quarterback for the worst team in the league? Come on! In an act of desperation, the coach of the Maine Lobsters, a team that has lost 32 games in a row, travels to Japan to buy a school of sumo wrestlers. His intention? To bring the humongous wrestlers back to Portland and replace his inept offensive line. What happens next is the stuff of legend... Theater One Fifth Program - 9:00pm White Light Directed by George Gittoes | Runtime: 96 Minutes Southside Chicago has worse gun violence statistics than any active war zone of the last two decades. White Light goes to the source of why these civilian deaths are happening and highlights how the community is working to bring peace and end the cycle of revenge and retaliation. Theater One Sixth Program - 11:00pm Competition & Sophia Awards Ceremony
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Theater Two First Program - 1:00pm Black Maria Festival - Best Shorts (2019) Gloria's Call Directed by Cheri Gaulke | Runtime: 17 Minutes In 1971, graduate student Gloria Orenstein received a call from Surrealist artist Leonora Carrington that sparked a lifelong journey into art, ecofeminism and shamanism. Gloria’s Call, uses art, animation and storytelling to celebrate this wild adventure from the cafes of Paris to the mountaintops of Sami Land. Bhairava Directed by Marlene Millar | Runtime: 14 Minutes Produced and directed by veteran dance-filmmakers, Marlene Millar & Philip Szporer, (Mouvement Perpétuel, Montréal) with cinematography by Kes Tagney, this site-specific dance for camera was filmed on location in Anegundi and Hampi, India in February 2017. Stone on Stone Directed by Mohsen Serajian | Runtime: 8 Minutes An Iranian family decides to kill an innocent woman because of her alleged adultery. Her husband’s friend is commissioned to do the murder. While he drives her outside of the city to do what is expected, their conversation takes an unexpected turn. Chula, with Invisible Strings Directed by Emily Collins | Runtime: 10 Minutes At a time when polarizing politics make us question the world's love for humanity, there is Chula the Clown. Hailing from Mexico City, Gaby Munoz, known as “Chula,” has spent over a decade working alongside other clowns in refugee camps and areas affected by conflict. Brainworm Billy Directed by Emily Hubley | Runtime: 3 Minutes A young man is haunted by a famous comedian. A Feeling for Leaving Directed by Dan Boord | Runtime: 9 Minutes We see a world from a rearview mirror, passing along 19th century settlement trails, monuments, gas stations, deserts, dinners, postwar suburbs and a movie motel drive-in. Our histories are visible, mobile and vanishing. Landscapes rush by – Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah. Destinations include a dinosaur along a highway, a ranch converted into a UFO observation park, an abandoned drive-in theater, a western parade in Wyoming and lonely stretches of road. The Elephant's Song Directed by Lynn Tomlinson | Runtime: 8 Minutes The Elephant's Song tells the true and tragic tale of Old Bet, the first circus elephant in America, as recounted in song by her friend, an old farm dog. Their story is portrayed in colorful, handcrafted animation, created frame by frame with clay-on-glass animation, where oil-based modeling clay is spread thinly on a glass sheet and moved frame-by-frame like a moving finger painting. Woody's Order Directed by Seth Kramer | Runtime: 16 Minutes The film is based on a onewoman show written and performed by actress Ann Talman. Family legend has it that Ann was “ordered” into this world in 1956 by Woody, her then eight-year-old brother with severe cerebral palsy. Ann’s performance has played to overwhelming acclaim in New York, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh, the Talmans’ hometown. Henrietta Bulkowski Directed by Rachel Johnson | Runtime: 15 Minutes A determined young woman, crippled with a severe hunchback, will stop at nothing to fulfill her dream of seeing the world. This is the story of how she finds happiness. Theater Two Second Program - 3:00pm Yes Directed by Rob Margoplies | Runtime: 100 Minutes Based on Tim Realbuto's critically acclaimed Off-Broadway play, Yes tells the story of washed up child star Patrick Nolan, whose life was ruined when he was involved in a scandal involving a minor. Years later, Patrick becomes entranced with a 17-year-old student, who he decides to mentor. What begins as an innocent acting lesson turns into something much more intimate between two surprisingly common minds. Theater Two Third Program - 5:00pm The Manhattan Front Directed by Cathy Lee Crane | Runtime: 85 Minutes Staged in a dollhouse, women, anarchists, and spies conjure the fantastically true story of how America entered WW1. Once upon a time, in 1915, a German saboteur arrived to Manhattan to interrupt the export of American munitions to Britain. He soon finds a collaborator in a wayward stevedore who unwittingly leads him to a group of labor anarchists. Sabotage and betrayal soon turn these bedfellows into agents of the other’s tragic end. In the spirit of a silent film from the era, this musical melodrama plays itself out through the interaction of archival images and the theatrical rendition of lives as they might have been lived on The Manhattan Front. We Were Hardly More Than Children Directed by Cecelia Condit | Runtime: 9 Minutes "We Were Hardly More Than Children" tells an epic tale of an illegal abortion as lived by two friends on a frightful journey through a world with little concern for their survival. Theater Two Fourth Program - 7:00pm Senior Love Triangle Directed by Kelly Blatz | Runtime: 98 Minutes An 84-year-old charming but delusional WWII veteran, William, forms romantic relationships with two elderly women, Adina and Jeanie, respectively, and goes on a crusade to save them from the isolation of their retirement homes in East Hollywood. Inspired by the true story documented in the photo series “Senior Love Triangle” featured in Time Magazine. Theater Two Fifth Program - 9:00pm Mayhem Directed by Joe Lynch | Runtime: 86 Minutes A virus spreads through an office complex causing white collar workers to act out their worst impulses. The Catch Directed by Sam Avery | Runtime: 6 Minutes Sometimes, it really is just a fish story...
Theater Three - 11:00am Directors Roundtable Theater Three First Program - 1:00pm Bozkir Looks At The Birds Directed by Mehmet Tanrisever | Runtime: 111 Minutes Abdullah and Cripple Ziya are gun dealers in the Bozkir district of Konya. They put honesty, honor, and dignity before anything else. Even though Abdullah and Cripple Ziya have opposite personalities, their friendship and partnership go back many years. Abdullah has worked hard and finally bought the horse he has been dreaming of. Now, all he wants to do is to marry his beloved Emine and build a happy life. Cripple Ziya lives one day at a time. He has no intention of settling down, he only cares about spending his money for his own happiness. Theater Three Second Program - 3:15pm Memphis Majic Directed by Eddie Bailey | Runtime: 72 Minutes Memphis Majic takes a look at the DNA of Memphis through the lens of a 30-year Memphis born street dance called Jookin. The dance style derived from Memphis hip hop about 30 years ago. Theater Three Third Program - 5:15pm Conversations Directed by Seok Wun Au Yong | Runtime: 55 Minutes Two international graduate students in the USA - Malaysian queer filmmaker Seok and Kenyan disabled activist-scholar Faith - embark on a journey to make a film that captures their friendship, putting them in vulnerable positions as they navigate trauma and healing. Honest Finder Directed by Daniel Erdélyi | Runtime: 20 Minutes Feri finds it difficult to meet new people. He resorts to kidnapping dogs from chosen families so that as the ''finder'' he can contact and get close to these families. When he gets involved with a deaf-mute girl and her mother the final disclosure of the truth causes quite an upheaval. Carry My Heart to the Yellow River Directed by Alexis Van Hurkman | Runtime: 21 Minutes Taking her hospitalized friend's place on a bike tour to the Yellow River, a high school graduate travels to faraway Gannan and races the clock to share pictures of the journey. Theater Three Fourth Program - 7:15pm Picture of His Life Directed by Dani Menkin and Yonatan Nir | Runtime: 72 Minutes World renowned wildlife photographer Amos Nachoum has one final photographic dream remaining - to photograph a Polar Bear underwater, while swimming alongside it. The film follows Amos in the Canadian Arctic, as he prepares for his ultimate challenge. As the journey unfolds, so does an intimate and painful story of dedication, sacrifice and personal redemption. Miracle, Baby Directed by Alexis Van Hurkman | Runtime: 21 Minutes Cory Conacher’s NHL hockey career may seem destined, yet a relentless series of life defining health complications and confidence shattering set-backs prove that his athletic achievements are a miracle of his own making Jimmy 13 Directed by David Sorbello | Runtime: 3 Minutes Jimmy 13 is a story about inclusion in sports, perseverance in life, and strong character. Jimmy’s disability didn’t hold him back from taking on life’s challenges as he earned his way on to the Hall of Fame Coach Mike Messere’s legendary West Genesee boy’s lacrosse team in Camillus, New York. Jimmy would go on to play college lacrosse at Oswego State, coach ice hockey and lacrosse, work for the Onondaga County Sheriff’s Department, and so much more. This inspirational life story has been formally endorsed by US Lacrosse. Theater Three Fifth Program - 9:00pm Two Ways Home Directed by Ron Vignone | Runtime: 90 Minutes This heartfelt film revolves around a young woman living with bipolar disorder who struggles to care for her cantankerous grandfather and his run-down farmhouse while trying to reconcile with her estranged 12-year-old daughter. Embraced by Mitzi Wright, National Alliance for Mental Illness (NAMI) Representative, "Two Ways Home makes a valuable contribution to the public understanding of mental health issues and to reduce stigma surrounding mental health."
Sunday, October 13th Redhouse Arts Center 400 South Salina Street Syracuse, NY Full Day Admission: $20 Single Screening Admission: $10 Theater One Programs (Austin Allyn Theatre) Theater Two Programs (Bill & Penny Allyn Theatre) Theater Three Programs (CNY Community Foundation Studio) Shemin Auditorium Shaffer Art Building at Syracuse University Showings at Shaffer Art Building at Syracuse University of our New Filmmakers, Imaging Disability, and Indigenous Peoples showcase films. Theater One First Program - 1:00pm Denying Access Directed by Tami Watt | Runtime: 94 Minutes This is a gripping and emotionally-charged documentary chronicling the Water Protectors at Standing Rock and Seneca Territory working to oppose the Dakota Access and Northern Access Pipelines. This Indigenous-led movement brought together people from around the world in an unprecedented call for the recognition of Indigenous rights and an end to an environmentally destructive fossil fuel industry. Many Senecas went to "stand with Standing Rock” against DAPL and came home to find a fracked gas pipeline, NAPL, being planned just upstream from their territories Theater One Second Program - 3:00pm 39 and A Half Directed by Kara Herold | Runtime: 71 Minutes Based on a true story, Kara Herold’s 39 1/2 is a feature comedy that combines live action with fun, quirky animation. Two Directed by Vasilios Papaioannu | Runtime: 9 Minutes Slower Directed by Kelly Gallagher | Runtime: 6 Minutes Writers Block Directed by Alex Mendez | Runtime: 9 Minutes A writer in the middle of her creative process, receives a series of anonymous packages with morbidly disturbing content. This mysterious intrusion into her life ignites a war between her anxiety and the work she is struggling to create. Theater One Third Program - 5:00pm Two Heads Creek Directed by Jesse O' Brien | Runtime: 90 Minutes After the death of their adoptive mother, a shy butcher and his drama queen sister leave the UK and adventure to Australia in search of their biological mother, but the local townsfolk of Two Heads Creek are hiding a dark secret: the pair must reconcile their differences to fight for their lives in this playfully dark comedy-horror. Two Balloons Directed by Mark C. Smith | Runtime: 9 Minutes Two adventurous lemurs navigate their dirigibles halfway around the world to a place where happenstance and fate threaten to disrupt their reunion. Theater Two First Program - 1:00pm Liberating Amnon Directed by Greg DeHart | Runtime: 53 Minutes Liberating Amnon is a documentary that captures the shocking journey of Amnon Band, a Second Generation Holocaust Survivor, as he tries to gather the missing pieces from his family’s past. At 61, Amnon has shaped his life from the family tales of his heroic Uncle Ephraim, now 91, who escaped the Nazis while being transported to the Auschwitz concentration camp and has been mostly silent about his past. The Starfish Directed by Tyler Gildin | Runtime: 40 Minutes The Starfish is the true story of a German Jewish boy whose life was forever altered at the age of 10, when his parents sent him and his two older sisters to live with non Jewish families in Sweden to escape Nazi persecution. After living in Sweden for two years, Herb Gildin and his sisters journeyed across Russia and the Pacific to be reunited with their parents as refugees in America. Focused on building his lighting business rather than dwelling on the past, decades went by before Herb told his wife and children about his childhood, resulting in one last journey back to Sweden to attempt to reunite with the remaining family members who had taken him in 60 years earlier. Theater Two Second Program - 3:00pm Influencia Directed by Pablor Aura Langer | Runtime: 98 Minutes Leonora (16) lives with her grandmother in a roof-top room isolated from the world for 10 years, because she has the gift of bringing about the death if people whose faces she looks into. The magical world she’s created to survive living in seclusion is shaken when her grandmother dies and she meets Brando (18), an urban prince whom she hides from the neighborhood mafia, and who will introduce her to Love. She will be liberated of her fateful gift, not without paying a high price. Theater Two Third Program - 5:00pm N. Scott Momaday: Words From A Bear Directed by Jeffrey Palmer | Runtime: 90 Minutes This riveting documentary from Jeffrey Palmer charts the life, career, and legacy of the prolific and enigmatic Navarro Scott Momaday, a revered Native American author whose work earned him a Pulitzer Prize and established him as the founding force behind the Native American art and literature renaissance. A writer of both poetry and prose, Momaday speaks to themes of heritage, ancestral remembrance, and spiritual growth. Nothing To Say Directed by Aubry Mintz | Runtime: 10 Minutes Nothing to Say in an allegory in which a recent arrival at the zoo, a turtle, challenges the zookeeper and other animals by not speaking on command to receive his food. By revealing his story to the others, the turtle exposes themes of exile and being a refugee in a land that provides for the body at the cost of the soul. Theater Three First Program - 1:00pm Ciao Anita Directed by Jacques Goyard | Runtime: 53 Minutes Shot in her final months in Castelgandolfo, nearby Rome and the hospital where she was confined to a wheelchair, “Ciao ANITA” is an autobiography that affords a window into the heart, mind and soul of a screen legend Anita Eckberg. Wandering Souls Directed by Annabel Loyola | Runtime: 12 Minutes On November 5, 2017, Hôtel-Dieu de Montréal moved its services and closed its doors, after 375 years of existence. Profoundly attached to the place, I wanted to go back… Foreign Directed by Mark Pinkosh | Runtime: 27 Minutes Ruby Welles (stand-up comedienne Suzi Ruffell in her acting debut) navigates the streets of London’s Soho, a first date, a secret struggle and the challenge of being a single thirty something lesbian buffeted by the sounds and bustle of the West End in Mark Pinkosh’s first film. Theater Three Second Program - 3:00pm International Shorts Program Pool Pals Directed by Carles Pamies | Runtime: 3 Minutes Life is cool in the Pool.... or it is not Absence Directed by Valentina Romanelli & Maxine Rochet | Runtime: 18 Minutes This film describes a moment in life where the present and the past are hazy, where a painful but universal event allows the protagonist to recognise herself as a human being. And then her childlike gaze dissolves time, through the magical power of a gesture. Adina E - I Couldn't Help Myself Directed by Yoni Goodman | Runtime: 4 Minutes Going over old notebooks and childhood drawings, a woman reminisces about love lost and won. Atlas Directed by Maciej Kawalski | Runtime: 23 Minutes Starring Tomasz Kot—the lead of 'Cold War,' a film nominated for three Academy Awards, who is also to star as Nicola Tesla in an upcoming biopic. The story takes us to a remote, and a bit crazy, psychiatric hospital, which receives a curious patient—the man doesn’t move nor speak, but spends his days standing with his hands up. The only thing known is his nickname—“Atlas”. In a word, he is a riddle, and a riveting one at that. See Weeds Directed by Dawn George | Runtime: 3 Minutes An examination of three weeds - dandelion, coltsfoot, and goldenrod and each weed’s direct effects on film stock, via hand-processing with eco-processing techniques The Tattooed Heart Directed by Sheldon Wong Schwartz | Runtime: 9 Minutes A creative writing instructor (Jennifer Morrison, "Once Upon a Time") at a juvenile detention center finds common ground with a troubled student (Madison Wolfe, "I Kill Giants") yet quickly finds herself in great danger when she decides to help her. Vaarheim Directed by Victor Ridley | Runtime: 30 Minutes Out Skerries Island, 70 inhabitants. Following the closure of the high school and the fish farm, Julie sees her family split and her house emptying. Powerless. Shemin Auditorium Showings New Filmmakers Showcase - 1:00pm Optic Nerve Directed by Peter Hartsock | Runtime: 16 Minutes On a stormy night in a cramped urban apartment in 1973 a man's struggles between order and chaos collide and overtake him in this psychedelic trip of a film filled with dread, paranoia, and delusion. Scream Directed by Tejah Robinson | Runtime: 10 Minutes After a terrifying encounter, Kacia and JD find a way to comfort their inner fears about being Black in America. Dress Up Directed by David Hinsch | Runtime: 8 Minutes Little Alex likes to wear the dress that his sister chose for him. The Murmurs at Violet Hour Directed by Codie Yan | Runtime: 15 Minutes A curious young girl goes on a spontaneous adventure to find the meaning behind a journey, and eventually convinced her rigorous friend to come along. Muj Kvitek Directed by Megan Massey, Katiana Weems, Lauren Wilson | Runtime: 6 Minutes When a young girl sees her best friend hanging out with another girl, jealousy begins to consume her. Trash Day Directed by Sam Delfavero | Runtime: 16 Minutes A special trash day for two friends When The Quiets Come Directed by Scott Sweitzer | Runtime: 15 Minutes When the Quiets Come follows a series of strange encounters with a race of invisible parasites. Arms Akimbo Directed by Abigail Jones | Runtime: 16 Minutes Two women heal in the midst of their mess. Imaging Disability in Film Showcase - 3:00pm Shoelaces (Laces) Directed by Jacob Goldwasser | Runtime: 98 Minutes Shoelaces tells the story of a complicated relationship between an aging father and his special needs son, whom he abandoned while he was still a young boy. Reuben's (60) kidney's are failing and his son Gadi (35), wants to donate one of his own kidney's to help save his father's life. However, the transplant committee objects to the procedure claiming that Rueben, acting as Gadi's sole legal guardian, does not have the right to authorize such an invasive procedure. Gadi, who recently lost his mother, is afraid of losing his father as well. He feels he finally has the chance to do something meaningful; to become a man and stand on his own. He's furious with the committee's decision and sets out to fight for his right to save his father's life. Through the film's portrayal of a relationship full of love, rejection and codependency, it manages to shed some light and question the importance of human life, human connection and if life is even possible without it either one of them. Polaris - 5:00pm Directed by Soudabeh Moradian | Runtime: 90 Minutes A psychologically traumatized war photographer is locked in a desperate struggle to protect her secrets and escape her inevitable return to the Middle East.
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